Epic Data Mission

To help our customers achieve lower costs by delivering solutions that enable people to make products more efficiently with improved quality.

People play a critical role in discrete manufacturing and warehouse distribution operations. While automated systems manage many repetitive functions on the shop floor or in the warehouse, it is the knowledgeable worker that manages and executes the plan. Our manufacturing operations systems help organizations and their people make products more efficiently.

Epic Data Values

Quality – Epic Data has served the manufacturing and warehousing operations needs of market-leading manufacturers and distributors. This has taught us that only well designed systems will be able to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Building on the knowledge we have gained by developing systems for large complex industrial operations, our solutions continue to be designed to ensure that customer requirements are met from the outset.

Integrity – When we make a commitment, we keep it. We respect our customers, partners and employees and we will always work with honesty to instill trust in all that we do.

Responsiveness – Meeting customer requirements is critical to delivering quality solutions, but the reality is that your operations need to adjust to changing conditions. To help our customers handle these changes, our highly experienced support and services staff are ready to listen and act quickly.

Innovative Thinking – Since the industrial commercialization of bar code technologies in the 1970’s, Epic Data has been involved in finding new ways to use information systems to help workers be more efficient. With a deep understanding of manufacturing and warehousing operations, we will continue to focus on developing innovative solutions using new technologies that can deliver immediate benefits for our market-leading customers.