Epic Data has been a leader in manufacturing operations systems and warehouse management solutions to the world’s most progressive organizations. Defense contractors, aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, high technology and industrial equipment & machinery manufacturers employ Epic Data solutions to optimize the ROI of their manufacturing IT infrastructure investments and operations by increasing plant and people productivity, plant to enterprise visibility and time to value.

Through its solutions Epic Data offers its customers significant value to their legacy and ERP manufacturing systems.

  1. Improved Time To Value – Reduced production time
  2. Improved Quality – Cost out opportunities due to less re-work / material handling
  3. Part Serialization – Quick identification of faulty parts in case of recalls
  4. Improved Visibility – Faster response to problems to improve production velocity, instant progress / status, synchronization of large numbers of shop floor employees, multiple shift operations, management direction
  5. Real-time Inventory Location – Quicker deliveries, better scheduling, elimination of line side stashing (reduced inventory costs), elimination of labour used in finding missing/lost parts, elimination of theft of parts and tools
  6. Automated Scheduling – Focused fulfillment of customer orders, better prioritization, elimination of data entry errors
  7. Improved Inventory Turns – Just in time delivery, purchase / delivery economies
  8. Improved Productivity – Less labour, less product cost, better customer value
  9. Improved Shop Floor Efficiency – Less cost from basic put-away, picking line side deliveries
  10. Synchronization with Enterprise Systems – Faster response to orders, improved data quality, less data loss / re-work, improved IT asset utilization, enhanced value to ERP investments and increased utilization of existing legacy systems