"In producing the world’s most advanced aircraft, it is essential to record and validate details of all work performed, as it occurs. And we need to do this without creating additional overhead. The open standard solution from Epic Data brings our various standalone systems under a unified and much more efficient communications umbrella."
— Lockheed Martin
"Epic Data addresses three major objectives for our operation including improving employee productivity, enhancing our inventory accuracy and improving the quality and level of service offered to our customers."
— Komatsu America
"We are pleased to add another Epic Data solution to our shop floor. We’ve been able to significantly improve operations with Epic’s data capture system. Now, we’re anticipating even further results with the implementation of real-time material management."
— Bell Helicopter
"We are achieving real in-store efficiencies with Epic Data. We can assess exactly what stock we have in our stores and keep track of what’s in demand and what’s not. We know when we need to replenish the shelves and can arrange for stock to be brought into the Pre-Receiving Center – and then delivered so that we can keep the customer supplied with the item that they need."
— Kingfisher IT Services
"We were looking to implement a warehouse management system to improve the efficiency of our logistics warehouse and further enhance customer service at our distribution centre. We chose Epic Data’s solution for their strong performance, reliability and customer service track record."
— Bell Helicopter
"We were able to upgrade our current receiving and asset transfer system to a new system at a savings. Epic Data’s customer support was responsive, including on-time delivery of products, and were very helpful. We have been a long term customer and satisfied with the high level of service offered to us. This is our second time with Epic Data and it is worth the return!"
— State Government Agency
"The new Uniview Terminals that we purchased for time reporting and inventory movement provide the tough, rugged, yet sleek exterior perfect for the factory setting where the temperature and dust can sometimes cause problems for other units. We have found them to be quite functional and reliable as well."
— Komatsu America
"On any given day, 310,000 container transactions are processed along with 32,000 transactions to SAP and 5,500 transactions from SAP. What we know is Sylobridge is easy to configure, it is scalable, and transactions are processed with sub-second response time."
— Farmland Foods