Epic Data has served the automotive industry and other discrete manufacturing and complex product assembly facilities for nearly four decades. Our customers are leaders in efficient, lean and sequenced manufacturing practices, JIT inventory management and continuous process improvement.

Our modular Integra solutions allow you to:

  • Synchronize supply chain deliveries to match JIT inventory requirements.
  • Link a vehicle’s work order through its BOM and work instructions to electronic Kanban demand pull to support sequencing in mass customization production.
  • Gain visibility for parts, tool & die, and materials location throughout the manufacturing facility to reduce the amount of time wasted locating and expediting required items.
  • Track parts and materials delivery, movement and consumption for tighter inventory accuracy and better cost control.
  • Manage shop floor labor resources to ensure labor has the right skill sets to perform a task, and to track labor input for each work order or work cell for tighter labor cost control.
  • Provide quality and production data to assist in continuous improvement programs targeting waste reduction, quality improvement, production efficiency and improved on-time deliveries.
  • Collect and quickly access materials, parts, quality, genealogy and other information required for compliance reporting.

Automotive manufacturers must maintain a profitable balance of offering consumers a wide variety of options while keeping WIP and finished goods inventory at a minimum. You must continuously find production, labor and supply chain efficiencies in order to remain competitive amid strengthening competition from traditional and emerging markets.

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In response to the unique needs of the automotive industry, Epic Data offers Integra, a modular manufacturing operations system that cover all major aspects of your automotive manufacturing environment: