Epic Data has served the Heavy & Industrial Equipment industry for nearly four decades. Our customers are leading manufacturers of construction, agricultural, rail, mining equipment, heavy machinery and locomotives. We have developed a thorough understanding of the unique challenges facing Heavy & Industrial Equipment manufacturers.

Our solutions allow you to:

  • Reduce cycle time by improving delivery of materials to workcells and making it easier to configure-to-order.
  • Plan and quickly react to change with real-time, accurate shop floor information about your parts, people and processes.
  • Keep tight control on inventory, costs and schedules, collecting parts and labor transactions in real-time.
  • Manage product serialization, repair and spare parts operations, and quality issues with complete parts audit trails and finished product genealogy.
  • Use shop floor information as a competitive advantage with a system tailored to your processes, performance metrics and corporate goals.

Heavy & Industrial Equipment manufacturers today have to deal with increased global competition, market unpredictability, and demands to increase product quality and customer service while reducing production costs. These factors are forcing organizations like yours to find ways to streamline operations, harness the data you have, and adopt lean manufacturing practices in order to reduce costs and become more efficient.

In response to this need, Epic Data offers the Integra™ of manufacturing operations system that cover all major aspects of your manufacturing operations: