For over four decades, Epic Data has served the manufacturers of complex, precision equipment used in the Medical industry and other competitive and highly regulated industries. We understand the challenges faced by companies manufacturing Medical Equipment and Devices.

Our solutions allow you to:

  • Manage regulatory product serialization and quality issues with complete parts and labor audit trails and finished product genealogy.
  • Keep tight control on inventory, costs and schedules by feeding real-time parts and labor transactions into your performance and job costing reporting systems.
  • Reduce cycle time and costs, and increase labor productivity, by improving timely delivery of materials to workcells.
  • Plan and quickly react to change orders and supply & demand issues with real-time, accurate shop floor information about your people, parts and processes.
  • Deliver new products to market faster using real-time collaboration product development teams.

Medical Equipment and Devices companies face a unique set of business challenges: global competition, meeting regulatory and safety compliance issues, and managing rapidly evolving technology. Manufacturers of Medical Equipment and Devices need to collaborate internally and adopt lean manufacturing practices to improve efficiency and speed time-to-market, as well as maintain meticulous records about the products they deliver.

In response to this need, Epic Data offers Integra™, manufacturing operations system that cover all major aspects of your manufacturing environment: