Epic Data has served the Shipbuilding industry for nearly four decades and our customers are leading builders of commercial and military vessels used in domestic and international waters. We have developed a thorough understanding of the resource management and production challenges of the shipbuilding industry.

Our modular Integra solution allow you to:

  • Have a birds-eye view of all manufacturing facilities and assembly areas as though they were within line of sight.
  • Gain visibility of the location of materials and parts throughout railyards, warehouses and production processes.
  • Shorten the manufacturing cycle by making sure parts and subcomponents are in the right place at the right time.
  • Be more efficient, with fewer people searching for and expediting parts, and other non-value added activities.
  • Synchronize and track parts and materials delivery, movement and consumption for tighter inventory accuracy and better cost control.
  • Track and report on project status for better on-time completion and progress/milestone billing.
  • Collect and quickly access materials, parts, quality, genealogy and other information required for compliance reporting.

Shipbuilders must improve their production, labor and supply chain efficiencies in order to remain competitive amid strengthening competition from traditional and emerging markets. With long production cycles and often fixed-price contracts, cost control and progress visibility are paramount to profitability.

In response to the unique needs of the Shipbuilding industry, Epic Data offers Integra™, a modular manufacturing operations system that cover all major aspects of your shipbuilding operations: