Excel with Epic Data’s Manufacturing and Warehousing Solutions

Global manufacturers face tremendous productivity and profitability pressures, and must balance time-to-value of finished products with changing market, customer and governmental regulatory requirements.

Next Generation Rugged Shop Floor Terminal 
Epic Data’s UniView Terminal delivers secure access to enterprise systems using latest web technologies. With a modern, user-friendly design, the UniView Terminal represents a major advancement in cost-effective shop floor terminals. UniView Terminal Brochure

In-memory analytics and dashboard tool that provides management control
Integra Analytics is an in-memory analytics tool that utilizes cube processing to rapidly deliver decision support and intelligence about critical aspects of manufacturing and logistical operations. Integra Analytics Brochure

Manufacturing Solutions 
Epic Data’s modular solutions gives manufacturers the control, visibility and decision support needed to drive execution to the production plan resulting in improved productivity, efficiency and quality. Epic Data Products Brochure

Reliable process control generates predictable results.  Instant awareness delivers the agility to respond rapidly.

Production Execution – IntegraProduction™ allows production planners and managers to enforce standard processes, optimize schedules, improve productivity and product quality resulting in reduced costs while achieving a higher rate of on time deliveries.

Material Tracking – IntegraTrak™ helps operations management and supervisors synchronize material availability against the work orders; locate critical items by tracking parts and asset movement on the shop floor. Providing real-time item location visibility avoids costly delays, eliminating safety stock, improving production efficiency.

Labor Management – IntegraTLC™ enables management and control of labor resources. Capture and measure labor productivity, in real-time, by workcell, line and plant so you can respond quickly to changing requirements and improve accuracy for job costing and payroll.

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) – IntegraNet™ gathers and manages critical shop floor data about your people, parts and processes and presents it to corporate MES and enterprise systems to give you the visibility needed to optimize production efficiency and throughput.

Scheduling & Planning – reduce production time and costs by knowing what to make, when, with which staff, and on which equipment.  Boost operational efficiency and optimize performance by synchronizing orders, production and resources.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Epic Data’s MMS system extends beyond the boundaries of traditional distribution-oriented warehouse management systems. MMS is a material movement and management system (MMS) that synchronizes in real-time with ERPs to drive manufacturing operations ensuring the right parts are available at the right time to meet production demand.

Production Logistics – Epic Data’s MMS™ ensures faster and more cost-effective order fulfillment. MMS’ focus is the flow of parts through a manufacturer’s receiving, warehouse and production facilities.

Address US government regulatory requirements for MIL-STD-130 / Item Unique Identifier (UID).

MIL-STD-130 Compliancy – Epic Data UID™ integrates and manages UID data collection, validation and registration as well as managing serialization, audit trails and genealogy reporting.

UID Validation – Epic Data UID Validator validates UID markings for compliance, it collects accurate quality UID data at the source and along the manufacturing supply chain.

Legendary Epic Data Products
Epic Data’s legendary products continue to deliver results for many of our long term customers. Epic Data’s Customer Service team is committed to helping customers maximize their investment.

Contact Epic Data to discuss your manufacturing challenges and learn how Epic Data’s solutions will help you. info@epicdata.com 1-877-332-3742.