Real-time Unique Identification (UID) Product Lifecycle Management Solution

IntegraUID™ enables suppliers and manufactures doing business with the US DoD or UK MOD to be compliant with the IUID program requirements and improves the efficiency of your material management practices.

IntegraUID will validate and register UID marks with the IUID Registry through the I-Guides interface. IntegraUID can be integrated with your ERP system to print valid marks on labels or to drive direct part marking technologies.

UID marks on received goods are validated when scanned by IntegraUID to ensure conformance to UID standards by internal or external suppliers to prevent incorrectly marked products from entering your operation saving your company from costly recalls or refusals of receipt of incorrectly marked or documented materials.

IntegraUID integrates seamlessly with your existing data collection or ERP systems to create a bridge and a foundation to build on during the co-existence and transition from 1D bar-coding to 2D matrix barcodes and UID compliance.

Highlights of IntegraUID capabilities:

  • US DoD or UK MOD Registration of UID Marks
  • UID based receiving
  • Validation of UID marks
  • Creation of Valid UID labels and part marking
  • Maintenance of parent-child UID relationships
  • Genealogy of parts, sub-assemblies and final products
  • Reports engine
  • Integrates with ERP or enterprise systems
  • Support for multi-site deployment
  • Seamless integration with  IntegraProduction, IntegraNet™.

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