In-memory analytics and dashboard tool that provides management control

Integra Analytics is an in-memory analytics tool that utilizes cube processing to rapidly deliver decision support and intelligence about critical aspects of manufacturing and logistical operations.

Integra Analytics can present BI in multiple formats ranging from dashboards to traditional reports to visual alerts. It’s self service capabilities puts the ability to interrogate and mine the information into the hands of management and operational staff giving a constant and consistent real-time view of the operations performance.

Integra Analytics can be a standalone application interfacing to data sources beyond Epic Data’s own products. It will provide:

  • work-in-process visibility
  • machine and resource status
  • plus multi-site material traceability
  • quality performance
  • production to schedule

With pushed system alerts, operational dashboards, and statistical analysis functions, organizations can derive increased value from, and trust in, their operational data – due to Integra Analytics.

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