Real-time Control for Manufacturing Operations

IntegraProduction™, part of Epic Data’s Integra manufacturing suite, provides real-time visibility, tracking and control of manufacturing work orders through the production process. Also, it provides production planners and managers the tools to adhere to standards, reduce cost, improve production and deliver quality products on time.

IntegraProduction dispatches orders to work centers using electronic travelers containing parts list and work instructions. The travelers are updated through automated data collection at each work center with parts consumption, quantity, quality measurements, labor, steps performed, step times and rework.

Production managers, design engineers and quality teams immediately have information available to report on and can improve productivity, quality and deliver increased customer satisfaction. IntegraProduction is ideal for manufacturers in Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and Heavy Equipment/Transportation who require a robust Manufacturing solution.

Highlights of IntegraProduction’s manufacturing solution capabilities:

  • Instant access to production and work order information
  • Intelligence for dispatching and work center routing
  • Directed workflow, process standardization and support for ECN management
  • Production management insights to react to alarm events, identify bottlenecks, re-assign resources and re-prioritize orders, and reduce costly waste and rework
  • Maintenance of audit trails and parts genealogies for parts, sub-assemblies and finished products
  • Integrates with ERP or enterprise systems
  • Seamless integration with IntegraTrak™, IntegraNet™ and IntegraTLC™ .

IntegraProduction™  Brochure