Manage your Workforce with Real-time Information

IntegraTLC™ labor management system captures labor activity by workcell, line or plant. From quick ID scans at their workstations, IntegraTLC monitors labor hours performed by customer order, work order, lot and serial numbers to facilitate job costing, work-in-progress reporting, and quality and production reporting.

IntegraTLC dramatically reduces the errors, paperwork and clerical costs associated with processing payroll and billing information. IntegraTLC is far more than a time and attendance system; it helps operations managers identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies to continually improve upon productivity performance metrics; identify under-utilized labor resources or re-assign available qualified workers to more valuable activities.

Highlights of IntegraTLC’s capabilities:

  • Performance management using productivity metrics by workcell, line or plant
  • Management tools for employee rules, shifts and transactions
  • Real-time inquiries to locate workers and identify labor re-assignment options
  • Line-side data collection using a variety of automatic ID technologies
  • Labor approval corrections and concurrence functionality
  • Work order status determined from labor attributed to work order
  • Scheduling in compliance with complex union rules, skills and regulatory requirements
  • Audit trails for contract requirements and quality programs
  • Automatic update of HR, payroll, job costing, labor scheduling and financial systems to eliminated redundant data entry
  • Supports Soft Clocks, dedicated Shop Floor Terminals and Mobile Devices
  • Seamless integration with IntegraProduction™, IntegraTrak™ and IntegraNet™

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