Real-time Insight to Synchronize Materials to Manufacturing Operations

IntegraTrak™ provides work order status by tracking the availability and movement of materials assigned to production work orders.  IntegraTrak’s real-time shop floor visibility helps you manage JIT materials flow to accelerate cycle times and reduce inventory costs.

Improve responsiveness to customers, expedite work orders, react quickly to customer change requests and re-allocate materials due to supply challenges.

Customer support and quality teams can use IntegraTrak’s audit trails and parts genealogy for regulatory compliance reporting and to manage support through the products’ lifecycle.

Highlights of IntegraTrak’s capabilities:

  • Work order progress tracking
  • Material location, flow and consumption tracking
  • Track materials: parts, sub-assemblies, finished goods, tools, moulds, dies and spare parts
  • Uniquely identified items associated with work orders, movements and status data & time stamped
  • Audit Trail of production activities
  • Parts genealogy of sub-assemblies and final products
  • Extensive packaged and user-defined reports
  • Support for multi-site deployment
  • Integrates with ERP or enterprise systems
  • Seamless integration with IntegraProduction™, IntegraNet™ and IntegraTLC™ .

IntegraTrak™ Brochure