Manage elemental placement & movement of goods

Epic Data provides turnkey solutions to enhance inventory management and warehouse operations for manufacturers who run SAP, using mobile computing applications specifically tailored to their business processes. The powerful combination of SAP to manage inventory, and for our solutions to manage the elemental placement and movement of goods, provides significant benefits to our customers. Customers know which parts they have and where they’re located, reducing a significant amount of effort to search for specific elements. This can translate into significant benefits especially if the individual parts are expensive.

The Inventory Management solution consists of three key elements:

  • Syloway and, which provide a customized development environment for rugged handheld devices using the Microsoft CE environment
  • Sylobridge, which is a high-performance connectivity and integration solution providing for the collection and transmission of mobile data into and out of SAP
  • Services, which include the knowledge of how SAP is structured to optimize the movement of goods using these mobile devices.

Over 50 SAP customers, including Farmland, Vishay and Texas Aero use the solution to improve their inventory management. Our customers compliment us for the degree of customization we can perform for their business processes, the reliability of our solution and the pragmatic approach we use to deal with their new opportunities.