Manage distribution and production warehouses – Gain visibility to production logistics

Dynamic, Synchronized Warehouse Material Management Solution Epic Data’s Material Management System, (MMS) is a comprehensive application that can manage both distribution and production warehousing facilities. Simple product configuration allows the same MMS transaction set to be used to accurately and efficiently fulfill customer and production orders. MMS provides real time visibility, auditing and control of the movement and location of the physical inventory so that warehouse operators have immediate visibility when they need it.

MMS is designed to complement ERP systems. It fully supports the ERP processes and information needed for the financial management of the inventory while delivering a rich set of features that will maximize the operational performance of the warehouse. Capabilities include order picking prioritization, picking route management, wave picking, trigger-based automatic cycle counting and synchronization of order fulfillment to production activities.

MMS is for companies constantly trying to eliminate waste and improve warehouse processes in order to provide 100% accuracy and on time delivery to their customers. Key features of MMS include:

Dynamic response to change. MMS allows managers to effectively respond to changes in demand, supply, logistics and operational requirements. Users have real-time visibility into current warehouse status and material locations. Users are able to quickly see the impact of unforeseen situations and optimize fulfillment plans given the new reality.

Real-time visibility and integration to production logistics. To keep production lines running smoothly, the flow of materials to the lines must be managed constantly.

This means knowing where materials, parts, sub-assemblies, moulds, dies and other production materials are at all times. Whether at an external supplier, a subcontractor, another production plant, a warehouse or at line-side, MMS instantly tells operations and shop floor workers where their parts and materials are.

Unification of push and pull line-side replenishment methods for production. MMS facilitates coordination between Planning, Supply and Demand. Overlying traditional “Push” constructs, MMS’ demand-driven “Pull” injects Kanban pull signals at the point of consumption to link requests from the demand point to the appropriate fulfillment points.

Epic Data MMS Brochure