Application Development Environment

Syloway is an application development environment used to build applications for rugged mobile devices for use in warehouses. Many ERP (SAP, Oracle and others) customers use Syloway to collect and transmit data wireless or in a connect/synchronized fashion to help identify locations of expensive parts, and improve process efficiencies. Dozens of customized, individual applications can be developed quickly and effectively to ensure customized business processes can be integrated into your ERP system. is the next generation product from Epic Data to release the power of Microsoft’s .NET environment as it is implemented on the next generation of mobile computing devices. Anyone can deliver new applications based on this powerful technology, maximizing:

  • The ability to re-use objects for faster programming
  • Enhanced levels of security, privacy and protection
  • Support of a wide range of network and wireless protocols
  • Enhanced functionality and usability
  • Mobile hardware failover protection

Syloway can be used with Sylobridge to provide a powerful, fully integrated system for ERP users who wish to enable the next level of management of their inventory systems.

Syloway is used in a fully connected real time environment to simplify mobile development and manage the devices and data for the solution. The software allows the clients to be hardware independent by allowing mixed hardware from different manufactures the ability to run the same applications without recompiling or maintaining several applications. A simple client installation on the device is all that is required to run any application on any device built with the Syloway development tools.

Syloway has been certified for Honeywell (Intermec), Motorola (Symbol), Datalogic, LXE, Psion Techlogix and standard PC’s.