Direct Store Delivery (DSD) & Inventory

Electronic traceability is becoming an industry requirement. Together industry initiatives and government regulations are driving the industry to:

  1. Drive waste out of the foodservice supply chain
  2. Improve product information for customers
  3. Establish a foundation for improving food safety and traceability

Why Adopt Standards and Traceability Solutions?
Traceability can help you grow revenues and market share. Our Ware2 solution running on certified hardware platforms offers a robust food traceability solution where every single pallet, case or item is tracked – anywhere, anytime. Our Ware2 solution provides traceability that gives buyers valuable information including where the product came from, freshness and safety data. You can also:

  • Ensure industry compliance requirements are met
  • Provide customers with controlled access to distribution, quality, and food safety information
  • Improve overall operations and reduce costs with direct feedback from customers

Efficient Processes for Food Distribution
To control rising operational and food costs, wholesalers have incorporated technology to improve efficiency and boost margins. Distributors are using advanced software to process receivables, integrate the supply chain, and analyze and forecast demand. Distributors with truck fleets use computerized routing systems and may have onboard computer systems to monitor driver performance. Technological advancements are extending to mobile handheld devices, improving communication between a driver and the central office.

For food and beverage producers, wholesale and distribution companies, mobility solutions offer numerous ways to help move perishable goods quickly through the supply chain and keep non-perishable goods well stocked and available when the customer needs them. Bar code and RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies speed data capture, cutting crucial cycles from processing and delivery. They also help eliminate error-prone paper processes that can disrupt the accuracy and timeliness of orders.

Software Solutions from Field to Fork
Our Ware2 solution is a complete software package for the SMB space that can provide traceability of your food products from field to fork. This turnkey solution provides a web-based management console and a mobile component for DSD (direct store delivery) and inventory.

The solution includes several components such as:

  • Inventory management: Receiving, Shipping, Picking, Transfers
  • Label printing
  • Mobile barcode scanning
  • Web based Order entry
  • Mobile receipt printing
  • Mobile Delivery with signature capture
  • Web based inventory reporting

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