Guiding the infusion of new technology and best practices

Epic Data’s Professional Services ensure our customers get the most out of their manufacturing operations management solutions.

Our highly skilled professionals have extensive experience with business and IT systems for manufacturing environments to help manufacturers adopt advanced software and hardware technology and capitalize on valuable industry best practices. We have garnered in-depth knowledge of numerous specialized industry requirements, including those unique to aerospace & defense, automotive, heavy equipment, food & beverage, alternative energy and medical equipment manufacturing and supply.

We approach each customer situation with the customer’s goals at the forefront of our solutions. We leverage our products and technology solutions to address the unique requirements of each situation and help each customer achieve their business objectives.

Epic Data’s implementation plans vary depending on customer requirements: the implementation can be a straightforward configuration and training program, or a highly consultative, customer-specific design and development program to tailor our systems to customer business practices.

We take pride in seeing our customers operating more efficiently and discovering the powerful foundation that Epic Data’s solutions set for their continuous improvement initiatives.